Dear Friends

Welcome to our new website.

I first began designing knitwear for Q.V.C. approximately 26 years ago. Our journey has taken us down many different paths, not only with the selection of fashion we produce but also our means of conducting business. In the early days I would reply by hand when I received your lovely letters. Today we have social media and it is wonderful to be able to get the feed back from you almost immediately. Often your excitement and pleasure comes through your contact. I still get such a buzz, even after all these years, designing for you, hearing your lovely comments and look forward to continuing for many more years. I feel we have travelled the roads together and you are all part of the Michele Hope family.

Many of you know the other passions in my life are my animals. As I write, presently, there are five dogs and a new puppy coming soon. Another welcomed addition is "Othello" my beautiful Friesian horse. I regularly post photos for you all on Facebook, so you can keep up to date with their antics. What amazing personalities they all have. They enjoy coming to the office and just spending time with us.

What inspires me, and from where do I get my inspiration? These are questions I am often asked. 
My daily life inspires me. My walks in the park with my dogs, is for me, a wonderful peaceful part of my day. I appreciate nature so much. It is so perfect to me. The wonderful shades of green, the different colours and symmetry of design in the flowers are spectacular. All this inspires me and assists in creating prints that end up in our collections.

A large part of my day is spent reading your emails. I love hearing from you all, what your favourite pieces are, where you would wear them and what you want to see more of. Most of all the wonderful photos you send me or post on Facebook. I hope you have the same pleasure wearing your new additions as I receive from your photos.

I can say without any doubt a day doesn't go by when I am not planning new styles, new prints and collections.

Another love of my life is horses. I think you can see that my favourite days are spent with the dogs and horses and riding through the countryside. I enjoy taking photos which is another passion of mine. Many of the photos have inspired new collections and I am sure will continue to do so.

I am actively involved in the making of the garments from start to finish. From the buttons to the colour of thread. When I receive all your wonderful feedback, I can almost experience your excitement when the next range is due to be shown. It all fills me with great joy.

I hope we continue our journey for at least another 26 years, and having the pleasure of many new friends joining our family. Please do stay in touch and take care.


In celebration of our 26 years, we will be running a lot of competitions, so keep tuned in. I look forward to meeting many new faces in the coming years.